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  • Montage

    Here is a look back at the amazing success of DAVAI's pilot program in Mandsaur, MP, India. Over the course of DAVAI's time there, we spread education, consultation, medication, and — most importantly — dedication to the rural population of the area and instilled knowledge and a newfound sense of modern self-care. All rights to the included song "A Perfect Rain" are reserved to Anoushka Shankar & Karsh Kale.

  • Preliminary Blood Pressure Testing

    In the days leading up to the health fair, a vehicle was commissioned to travel amongst nearby villages to advertise the event. During the advertising rounds, brief consultations occurred based on patient history interviews and blood pressure testing. This is one such session. This woman has had high blood pressure for the last ten years. Although she is taking long-prescribed medications for her condition, it is still not controlled, and it is because she does not consider structured health care to be a regular part of her life. She does not seem to truly understand the causation between her actions and her state of health. We strived to make that connection clear to her, just as we later did en masse at the camp itself.

  • A Discussion On The "Why?" Behind Poor Health

    Here, we spoke to people and tried to collect information that could help us deduce what problem points we should address in the daily lives of those who exhibited poor health. For example, the woman in the second half of the video described the home diet, which consisted of food cooked with much salt, before being further seasoned with salt upon serving. For all the people in above, who were diagnosed with incredibly high blood pressure, this is an obvious problem. Upon being told that her heart "is big" due to the stress of high blood pressure, the woman asks "How do I make it small?" As innocent as the question may be, it shows the lack of knowledge in the area of what blood pressure is and how to maintain it at normal levels.