Oct 11, 2010

Getting This Show On The Road

Thank you so much for coming to learn and support DAVAI's mission to reinvent preventative healthcare. In this blog, we will chronicle our journey to do just that. Along the way, we'll let you hear from the voices that we hear, whether they be from academia, business, or the countrysides we visit. Make sure to come back regularly for updates on our progress, interesting health-related articles that we come across, quality guest pieces from our partners, and recaps of our events. Make sure to keep an eye out on our upcoming Media section from photos and videos from our events as well!

We're looking forward to fostering health in the best way we can, and that's not just physical health...It's the social health that comes from bringing people together to work hand-in-hand in reengineering global healthcare as we know it, one venue at a time. As we build up our approach to our first event in December, do not forget to donate as much as you can!